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Our approach

The first step to saving on energy is stop wasting. That is the motto of duradino, a progressive company that helps energy saving on a large scale.

In a typical household nobody knows how much energy is used and also how much energy is generated when for instance a Solar systems is installed.

Many companies want to save on energy, but do not have the resources to get started. Thre products of duradino make energy consumption (and energy production) visible and measurable, aking clear how much energy is wasted and how much energy costs can be saved.
With a smart metering system in between 10 and 40% can be save don the nergy bill.

Through products, advice and eduction duradino helps households, organizations and employees to become aware and responsible how to deal with energy.

In our webstore you will find products
  that help you save on energy and/or are environmentally friendly.